1. Programme description

1.1 The Programme

Augmentor is an acceleration programme supporting early stage businesses developing innovative and commercially-focused immersive solutions. From the companies that apply for the programme up to ten are selected and then provided with technical, business and investment mentorship, workshops, access to state-of-the-art facilities and support to confidently pitch their ideas directly at an exclusive investor and industry showcase.

1.2 The Digital Catapult

Digital Catapult is the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation Centre, driving early adoption of technologies to make UK businesses more competitive and productive and grow the country’s economy. Providing physical and digital facilities for experimentation and testing that would otherwise not be accessible. It specialises in future networks (internet of things and 5G), future focus (distributed ledger technologies and cyber security), artificial intelligence and immersive (virtual reality, augmented reality and haptics) technologies. As well as breaking down barriers to technology adoption Digital Catapult’s work addresses key challenges for the creative and manufacturing industries.

1.3 The Programme partners

1.3.1 Programme investment partners

Programme investment partners will include venture capital funds as well as angel funds that actively support the programme though delivery of investment workshops and/or office hours.

1.3.2 Programme industry partners

Programme industry partners will include industry organisations that support the programme though delivery of a business specific workshops and/or though providing discounted services or products.

1.3.3 Programme judges

The judges will be responsible for scoring the Augmentor applications according to the criteria set out in these Programme Competition Terms. The panel of judges will consist of a variety of individuals from Digital Catapult and Programme investment and industry partners. The judges will be chosen based on their immersive and investment experience and expertise. The Applicant’s personal information fields will not be disclosed to the judges. Judges will be bound by confidentiality in regards to the assessment of Applicants’ applications.

1.3.4 Programme mentors

Mentors shall provide feedback on the existing product and/or service offerings of the Participants. The mentors will be identified and approached by the Augmentor team based on their specific industry expertise and invited to mentor the Participants on the Programme. They will offer actionable direction and advice during the Programme via private presential or online meetings with companies. Each mentor will offer up to 5 hours of support to one or more Participants during the duration of the Programme.

1.3.5 Community Partners

The immersive industries organisations that will be supporting Augmentor through promotion and communication of the Programme via their networks.

1.4 Applicants and participants

1.4.1 You are considered an “Applicant” if you apply to this competition.

1.4.2 You are considered a “Participant” if you are successful with your application and complete all pre-Programme activities.

2. Programme benefits

Augmentor offers access to:

2.1 Industry mentorship

Support network of industry mentors with technical and business expertise to help companies grow their businesses and develop market ready solutions

2.2 Investment mentorship

Dedicated investment mentor to help companies improve their investment readiness, understand what investors are looking for and answer specific business challenges, preparing them to start their fundraising process

2.3 Workshops

More than 10+ workshops to help develop companies solutions on topics such as value proposition, customer experience, sales and marketing, building a team

2.4 Facilities

For the duration of the programme, the cohort will get the opportunity to make use of Digital Catapult’s Immersive Labs in Belfast, London, Brighton, MediaCityUK, and North East Tees Valley (subject to availability and site terms)

2.5 Peer to peer learning

Be part of a cohort of up to 10 companies made up of talented entrepreneurs from across a different range of sectors

2.6 Showcase event

Opportunity to participate, pitch and host demos and meetings at the final showcase event

3. Programme Obligations

3.1 Applicants obligations

Digital Catapult does not take any interest in or ownership of your Intellectual Property developed on the Programme. Applicants must be willing to commit to the following obligations as stated below.

3.1.1 Participant agrees to sign a Warrant Agreement with Digital Catapult. This warrant agreement is a legal document under which a Participant grants a contractual right (but not an obligation) to Digital Catapult to purchase 1% shares in the company.

3.1.2 Attend 70% of the workshops and/or webinars, and kick-off event hosted by Digital Catapult from September 2020 – January 2021

3.1.3 Attend, present and demonstrate at the Showcase event – January 28th 2021

3.1.4 Attend all sessions with Programme Mentors as agreed from September 2020 – January 2021

3.1.5 Participant agrees to be visibly associated with the Augmentor brand

3.1.6 Participant agrees to be named and logo listed on marketing collateral, this may include website, print and digital materials.

3.1.7 For a maximum period of five (5) years following the Programme End Date, Participant shall use its reasonable endeavours to answer specific questions from Catapult relating to its growth and progress to assist Catapult demonstrate the impact of its activities. This shall include:

  • Participation in an annual telephone conversation of one hour.
  • Participation in bi-annual survey sent out by Digital Catapult

4. Applicants

4.1 Minimum Requirements

4.1.1 Applicant must be a UK based registered company – or prove they have an establishment in the UK and undertake the majority of the activity in the UK.

4.1.2 Applicant must develop solutions enabled by immersive technologies, as defined in the FAQ section on the Augmentor website

4.1.3 Applicant must have a product based business at the minimum viable product stage (i.e. at least TRL5 on Technology Readiness Level)

4.1.4 Applicant must have two or more team members

4.1.5 Applicant must be considered as an early stage business, i.e. business that received under £500,000 in private investment or public funding

4.1.6 Applicant must be looking to raise seed investment in the next 12 months

4.1.7 Applicant must be able to attend most of the activities as stated in section 5

4.2 What we’re looking for

Augmentor supports:

4.2.1 Early stage B2B companies developing innovative and commercially-focused immersive solutions designed for enterprise-level clients (i.e. large organisations and SMB)

4.2.2 Companies that demonstrate cross technology applications, linking the immersive with other emergent technologies such as AI, IoT, DLT and 5G

4.2.3 Companies from the following industries:

  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction,
  • 3D design, production and tooling
  • Advanced manufacturing (e.g. robotics, automotive, aerospace, supply chain)
  • Data visualisation
  • Training
  • Utilities sector
  • Creative industries (e.g. entertainment, gaming, media)

4.2.4 Immersive technology companies which include:

  • Virtual reality (including 360 video) technology
  • Augmented reality technology
  • Mixed reality technology
  • Modelling and 3D graphics for immersive applications, 3D controllers, 3D scanning and capture techniques for immersive applications
  • Immersive audio technology
  • Solutions with haptic or other sensory systems

5. Key Dates

5.1 Open Call – Applications Open

Monday 1 June 2020

5.2 Open Call – Application Deadline

Wednesday 29 July 2020 at 23:59

5.3 Long-listing selection

Monday 3 – Sunday 9 August 2020

5.4 Pitch Practice

Tuesday 18 August 2020

5.5 Shortlisting selection

Monday 7 September 2020

5.6 Intended public announcement of successful applications

Thursday 8 October 2020

5.7 Programme Start Date

Thursday 8 October 2020

  • Kick Off: Thursday 8 October 2020
  • Workshops: weekly basis October – December 2020
        • October 14, 20, 27
        • November 3, 12, 19, 26 and
        • December 3 and 9 2020
  • Mentorship: ongoing from Thursday 8 October 2020 – Thursday 28 January 2021
  • Showcase: Thursday 28 January 2021
5.8 Programme End Date

Sunday 30 January 2021

6. Application

6.1 What information should my application contain?

Applicant must answer all required questions in the full online application form. The application form will seek for more details about Applicant:

  • Contact information (e.g. company name, full name, email address)
  • Product or service characteristics (i.e. idea, value proposition, maturity, technical assessment, business strategy, growth potential )
  • Market characteristics (i.e. market potential and the feasibility, differentiation, traction)
  • Team characteristics (i.e. team experience and skillset)
  • Financial characteristics (i.e. runway, monthly revenues)
  • Ability to commit to attending our workshops and events
6.2 Who will see my Application?

6.2.1 In addition to staff at Catapult, the Augmentor judging panel will see your application in order to assess the application, and otherwise in the administration of your application and participation on the Programme.

6.2.2 Also, Augmentor Industry and Investment Partners and Mentors will see part of the applications after the completed selection process in order to provide bespoke support during the Programme including mentorship, workshops and/or webinars. Programme Industry and Investment Partners will not have access to personal data or sensitive business information unless permitted by the successful Applicant.

6.3 Key contact information

Applicant will appoint a main contact for the Programme (“Key Contact”). If the Applicant is successful, the Key Contact will help define the shape of its Programme activities, workshop and event commitments, team members’ availability, ongoing activities, and assessment of progress during and after the Programme.

 6.4 Submitting your application

6.4.1 You must submit your application via Submittable (“Submission Method”).

6.4.2 All applications must be submitted via the Submission Method by the Application Deadline.

6.4.3 Once your completed application has been received, Digital Catapult will send you a confirmation receipt by email. If you do not get a receipt within twenty-four (24) hours of the next working day, please email us at hello@augmentor.stage.pixeledeggs.com with subject ‘Augmentor Application Submission’

7. Selection

7.1 Qualification

The Catapult will undertake an initial assessment of the Applicants against the Programme Requirements.

7.2 Selection process

7.2.1 Applicants apply to the Augmentor acceleration Programme on the Digital Catapult website.

7.2.2 Applicants receive a separate online application form that must be fully completed by the open call deadline.

7.2.3 All applications are reviewed and scored by the Augmentor judging panel in a Longlisting selection, and a list of 15-20 Applicants is created.

7.2.4 Longlisted Applicants are invited to the Pitch Practice Session.

7.2.5 Longlisted Applicants are invited to the Pitch Day Session, where 10 Shortlisted Participants are selected.

7.2.6 Applicants are notified of their success and announced as Participants of the latest cohort as defined in the Key Milestones.

7.2.7 Participants information is listed on the website.

7.3 Scoring

7.3.1 Application Scoring criteria and weighting:

The scoring criteria will be assessed based on statements in the areas below. Each criterion will be scored on a range from 0 to 5. 0 being “Unacceptable” Score Key Assessment and 5 being “Excellent” Score Key Assessment. This scoring will be applied to all applications and will be equally weighted. Idea (weight: 1)  – The product/service idea is compelling, original and it demonstrates strong vision. Value Proposition (weight: 1)  – The product/service solves a real problem that customers face. Maturity (weight: 1)  – The product/service has been developed to the point that is ready to or has already started to commercialise. Technical assessment (weight: 1) – The product/service uses suitable immersive technology and uses it as its core business proposition. Business strategy (weight: 1) – The product/service has a clear plan to generate money and make the business sustainable. Growth potential (weight: 1) – The product/service has the potential to succeed beyond the Augmentor programme and receive further funding opportunities and keep on growing. Market potential and product / market fit (weight: 1) – The market size is significant and market is ready for this product/service application. Differentiation (weight: 1) – The product/service is different to other existing one in the market. Traction (weight: 1) – There is evidence of existing sales and distribution channels or a clear plan for the future sales and distribution strategy. Team quality (weight: 1) – The team is of adequate size and is equipped with the right technical, financial and business skills, and has the ability to deliver the solution successfully. Financial consideration (weight: 1) – There is a clear plan on investment and funding of the company. The risk and profitability are assessed.

7.3.2 Scoring panel composition and experience

  • Relevant Catapult will assess all applications and conduct assessment interviews with shortlisted candidates. Digital Catapult staff are experts in immersive technologies, investment and innovation management.
  • A judging panel will be appointed for the selection process of the Programme. The panel of judges will consist of individuals from Digital Catapult, Programme Investment and Industry Partners. The panel of judges will be chosen based on their immersive experience and expertise.
7.4 Due diligence

We will carry out due diligence on Applicants prior to the point of selection onto the Programme. Applicants must be willing to submit further information or documentation upon request in order for their application to be assessed.

7.5 Successful Applicants

7.5.1 Successful Applicants will be notified and provided with a Programme Participation Agreement and Warrant Agreement for review and execution. These contracts are standard and non-negotiable. We do try to ensure these contracts are fair and reasonable.

7.5.2 In order to be accepted onto the Programme, successful applicants must sign Digital Catapult’s Programme Agreement (“Programme Agreement”) as well as Warrant Agreement (“Warrant Agreement”).

8. Competition Terms – Specific

8.1 Benefits

All the benefits provided under the Programme by third-party organisations (“Suppliers”) are subject to the Supplier’s terms and conditions, which will be stated in the Programme Participation Agreement. Digital Catapult reserves the right to amend the list of benefits at its sole discretion.

8.2 State Aid

Digital Catapult operates this programme in compliance with State aid rules, and no State aid is provided to the Participants.

8.3 Applicants

Digital Catapult reserves the right to accept/reject any application which does not fulfil the minimum requirements.

8.4 Key Dates

Digital Catapult reserves the right to change the Key Dates at its sole discretion. No extension to deadlines will usually be granted, with very limited exceptions where the Applicant requests an extension due to reasonable extenuating circumstances, beyond the Applicant’s control and unforeseen to them, subject to the Applicant providing evidence that proves the extenuating circumstance; and the Applicant informing Digital Catapult as soon as reasonably practicable following the extenuating circumstance becoming apparent. Digital Catapult reserves the right to consider the factors and decide whether such circumstances are extenuating and whether granting an extension is fair to other Applicants. No extension granted will be for greater than two working days.

8.5 Applications

All information and documents requested must be submitted. Failure to submit all requested information and documents may result in the application being rejected.  Catapult will not use outside information in respect of your application unless otherwise indicated, other than to undertake due diligence.  Catapult reserves the right not to work with people or organisations which could impact its reputation.

 8.6 Previous Applications

Catapult reserves the right to either (i) reassess an application from a previous competition (together with information gained from an update meeting), or (ii) accept as a Participant an organisation that was previously successful in a previous competition, but whose participation was deferred to a later programme.

 8.7 Key Contact Information

In submitting the application, the Applicant confirms that it has made the Key Contact aware of, and has the lawful grounds to enable Digital Catapult to, process the personal information of the Key Contact as set out in these Competition Terms and Digital Catapult’s privacy policy.

8.8 Programme Agreement

Digital Catapult reserves the right to make amendments to the Programme Agreement it issues up until the point of execution by both parties.

8.9 Programmes

Digital Catapult reserves the right to offer Participants access to its Participant Programmes, such as its Platinum Awards.

9. Competition Terms – General

9.1 Data Collection, Storage & Use

Digital Catapult will store your application it has received and the assessment it has conducted for the entire duration of the Programme. If you are a Participant, we shall also store your Application for a period of up to five (5) years following the end of the Programme. For administration purposes, contracts may be stored for up to seven (7) years, contracts providing State aid for up to eleven (11) years, and deeds for up to thirteen (13) years from the end of the Programme.

9.2 Confidentiality

9.2.1 The information provided in your application will be kept confidential and only used and disclosed as reasonably necessary for the purpose of assessing applications, and, if admitted onto the Programme, for working with you on the Programme. This may include with our Programme Partner as indicated above.

9.2.2 For practical purposes, we will not sign separate NDAs in relation to your application or participation. The competition opportunities we provide can only be achieved through trust of the tech community. It is therefore not in our interest to misuse your sensitive information. Judges on the scoring panel will be bound by confidentiality in their assessment of the applications. However NDAs will not be signed with our other Programme Partners, and if these are required, then you should agree these directly before you disclose sensitive information to them directly e.g. Programme Mentors.. Mutual confidentiality provisions are included in the Programme Participation Agreement.

9.2.3 The scoring of your application will also be treated as confidential information.

9.2.4 As your application will be transmitted over the Internet, ultimately Digital Catapult cannot guarantee its security.

9.3 Intellectual Property

9.3.1 We respect the intellectual property of others and we ask our Applicants to do the same.

9.3.2 In submitting the application, you declare that you have and continue to have all necessary rights, licenses, permissions and consents to provide the content in your application to us, and for Catapult to use the application as we have set out.

9.3.3 We will not remove from applications any proprietary labels or copyright assertions.

9.4 Disclaimers

9.4.1 We accept no liability for any consequences, whether direct or indirect, that may arise from your participation in the Programme Competition, your reliance on any statements we may have made about the Programme, or its suspension or withdrawal.

9.4.2 In any case, to the extent permitted under law, Digital Catapult’s liability shall be limited to one thousand (£1,000) pounds.

9.5 Jurisdiction

The Programme Competition is governed by English law and the Applicant agrees that any dispute shall be exclusively resolved in the English courts.

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