What businesses will Augmentor support?

Augmentor supports early-stage B2B companies developing innovative and commercially-focused immersive solutions designed for enterprise-level clients (for example large organisations and small and medium businesses).
We’re aiming to back solutions that demonstrate cross-technology applications, linking the immersive with other emergent technologies such as AI, IoT, DLT and 5G.
Additionally, this year Augmentor is also looking to support immersive businesses from the following industries:

  • Architecture, engineering and construction
  • 3D design, production and tooling
  • Advanced manufacturing (e.g. robotics, automotive, aerospace, supply chain)
  • Data visualisation
  • Training
  • Utilities sector
  • Creative industries (e.g. entertainment, gaming, media)

How do we define ‘immersive technology’? Although ‘immersive’ is a broad term, in the context of Augmentor, this refers to:

  • Virtual reality (VR)
  • Augmented reality (AR)
  • Mixed reality (MR)
  • Immersive audio technology
  • Haptic technologies or other sensory systems
  • Modelling and 3D graphics for immersive applications
  • 3D controllers
  • 3D scanning and capture techniques for immersive applications

We are interested in innovations in both the hardware and software aspects of the technology.

Digital Catapult
Augmentor is an immersive acceleration programme designed and delivered by Digital Catapult.