What are the judging criteria?

The criteria will be presented as statements. Each of the criteria has the same weight. The judges will respond by indicating how strongly they accept these statements.

Product or service characteristic

  • Idea – The product/service idea is compelling, original and it demonstrates strong product and company vision.
  • Value proposition – The product/service solves a real problem that customers face.
  • Maturity – The product/service has been developed to the point that is ready to or has already started to commercialise.
  • Technical assessment – The product/service uses suitable immersive technology and uses it as its core business proposition.
  • Business strategy – The product/service aims to generate revenue and make the business sustainable.
  • Growth potential – The product/service has the potential to succeed and grow beyond the programme and receive further funding opportunities.

Market characteristics

  • Market potential and product / market fit – The market size is significant and market is ready for its application.
  • Differentiation – The product/service is different/unique/stand out from those that already exist.
  • Traction – There is evidence of existing sales and distribution channels or a clear plan for the future sales and distribution strategy.

Team characteristics

  • Team quality – The team is of adequate size and is equipped with the right technical, financial and business skills, and has the ability to deliver the solution successfully, as well as showing good complementarity.

Financial characteristics

  • Financial consideration – There is a clear plan about investment or funding strategy. The risk and profitability are assessed.


The decision is taken by Digital Catapult and its relevant partners on the information submitted, any additional information gleaned from its due diligence, and their knowledge. This decision is final.


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