2020 cohorts



Using VR to boost sales and augment the high-end retail sector customer experience.

Emperia is creating virtual reality experiences that boost sales and customer engagement for businesses in art and luxury fashion. Improving the way that products can be seen online in 3D, Emperia is helping brands bring the physical retail experience into the virtual world.



Leading the market in immersive crime scene training.

Evidential is pioneering in the presentation of evidence in the criminal justice system to introduce mixed reality approaches to crime scene investigation and immersive training for emergency services.
The company has produced EVITA, a major incident training platform, which provides large scale environments where multiple training scenarios can take place. Evidential’s current research and development project, supported by Innovate UK funding, uses augmented reality to help improve the preservation of crime scenes.

Fracture Reality (Join)


Fracture Reality developed Join, an online meeting and collaboration platform specialised for engineering and data-intensive enterprise users.Join includes the standard features of a meeting platform (voice communications, meeting management, etc.) alongside 3D immersive features like avatars, gestural sketching and advanced cloud rendering of enterprise 3D data and assets.

The key market for Mixed Reality is enterprise and industry, but the datasets used by potential clients in these markets are generally too heavyweight to render on immersive headsets - this has affected the adoption of Mixed Reality and to some degree Virtual Reality too, since companies baulk at both the time and cost of paying 3rd parties to optimise their data. Automatic optimisation pipelines exist but by their very nature these involve the loss of data and so are not suitable to many industries.



Creating amazing shared audio experiences to captivate and engage new audiences.

MagicBeans is a pioneering spatial audio startup delivering new kinds of mixed reality audio experience to brands, immersive theatre productions, musicians and artists with augmented reality audio mapped to physical spaces. It has developed Roundhead, a platform for creating and delivering six degrees of freedom spatial audio experiences at scale, so users can create, share and listen to spatial audio across multiple devices.



Disrupting traditional training models through VR.

MOONHUB provides high-quality training for forward-thinking companies by immersing their staff in VR, interactive training scenarios, helping them gain and retain knowledge using their patent-pending spot-and-jot scoring system coupled with our sophisticated online platform to track data.

Their solution brings VR back to the users, allowing them to capture as much data with the simplest of actions. The vision is to create a world where picking up a VR headset is natural and companies can get full use and benefit out of using such technology.

Overview Ark

Cohort 2020

Creating immersive solutions for live and virtual events and memorable fan experiences.

Overview Ark has created a tool for production designers and event coordinators to build 1:1 replicas of a live show without the need of programming knowledge.
By using this tool to create experiences, producers can easily drag and drop special effects and performance dynamics for experiences where fans can watch their favourite artists, discover new artists, and interact with one another in a hybrid live music role playing game. The company is also part of Digital Catapult’s 5G Testbed Accelerator programme.

Percept Imagery (Sprie®)


Enabling personalised shopping experiences that blend the online and real worlds.

Percept Imagery has developed a unique augmented reality platform called Sprie® that enables retailers to personalise online shopping experiences by allowing shoppers to try products in the real world before buying them. The AR solution offers fool-proof integrations on e-commerce websites or social pages making AR more accessible and requiring no app download.



RETìníZE is an award-winning immersive content studio based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, that specializes in the creation of cutting edge immersive VR content as well as interactive and geolocative AR applications.
Whilst continuing to grow the immersive production side of the business, RETìníZE’s R&D team is currently developing an innovative, fast-turnaround animation software product that utilises immersive technologies.

Slanted Theory (Alaira)


Helping teams think in data

Through the power of 3D technology (XR) and immersive analytics, Slanted Theory has created “Alaira”, a cloud data analysis and visualisation platform, which provides views of data unparalleled in 2D dashboards. Alaira brings people together from anywhere in the world to analyse multiple data sets in real time at the same time, and drive a new generation of faster decision making within organisations.
Alaira focuses on building enterprise efficiencies through data visualisation and exploration, to give all levels of business the ability to access more of their data and analyse it easily.

Vika Books

Cohort 2020

Using augmented reality to promote British Sign Language (BSL) as a language for deaf and hearing children alike.

VIKA Books is the first fine-art quality non-fiction publisher to use immersive technologies to enhance book design.
Its first AR/MR publication is a buggy book and smartphone app that makes pre-speech communication between babies and adults a reality. Where is the Bird? inspires all families, deaf and hearing, to interact in sign language. The award-winning book and app is designed to be affordable, portable and fun.

2019 cohorts

Resus VR


Resus VR tests and trains doctors to make life-saving decisions in emergency medical situations.



M—XR is pioneering 3D production by automating the capture pipeline for brands, studios and creators. Its patent-pending hardware and machine learning practices are able to extract and generate accurate texture and material maps automatically.



NeuroCreate is developing a digital platform integrating AI and neuroscience that
enables users to train peak mental performance of flow states.

IN Reality


IN Reality is a cutting edge VR simulation company, utilising the latest AI and animation techniques to provide a data driven training, coaching and analysis tool for top professional sports clubs.

Imaged Reality


Imaged Reality is a VR startup, focused on the oil and gas sector. It has developed 3DGAIA, a VR enterprise platform that reduces risk and uncertainty by bringing the field to the office, connecting expertise across the globe.

Darf Design


ARki by Darf Design is an AR platform that enables architecture, engineering and construction professionals to visualise projects accurately on-site. The platform helps teams improve communication and build more efficiently.

Extend Robotics


Extend Robotics augments human and machine to create superhuman robots by
utilising VR technology over 5G. The solution accelerates robot autonomy by using
scalable data-driven AI.

Artificial Artists


Artificial Artists are a team of VFX and interactive specialists working on simplifying 3D animation to help brands better engage and connect with audiences. The proprietary real-time 3D animation platform, 3dctrl, empowers artists to create engaging, dynamic and professional quality 3D video for e-commerce, digital and social.

Head Set


Head Set empowers people who work in hostile environments to do their jobs safely with a strong mindset.

They use virtual reality coupled with biometric data insights to build a more resilient media, humanitarian and first responder sector.

Founders Aela Callan and Kate Parkinson are former foreign correspondents who've covered some of the biggest conflicts of the past decade. They founded Head Set because they always felt unprepared for the physical, mental and emotional traumas they faced while doing their jobs.

Agile Datum


Agile Datum is a disruptive data science company developing artificial intelligence (AI), AR, chatbots and data visualisation solutions, with high value IP, to revolutionise local government planning and insurance.

2018 cohorts

Motion Pixel


Motion Pixel are VR and 360 capture specialists holding the patent for a new VR stabilisation technology, reducing motion sickness, post-production load and allowing live, movable 360 broadcast.



Arcade is an augmented reality venture design studio.

Somewhere Else Solutions


Somewhere Else Solutions developed BodySwaps, a multi-user VR solution to power enterprise transformation for global businesses.

Kodama Ltd


Kodama Ltd is the home gaming platform for VR and AR.

Subconscious VR


Subconscious VR developed a product that allows tech-aware clients in the healthcare and training sectors to easily deliver group 360 VR.

Swim AR


Swim AR is an AR heads-up display for swimmers.

Valkyrie Industries


Valkyrie Industries - An AI haptic interface providing a realistic perception of touch for virtual simulations.

Lume VR


Lume VR is a VR platform where scientists and researchers can explore, manipulate and present their 3D point cloud data and, for the public, a platform to understand important scientific information.



KageNova developed a technology to solve critical outstanding technological problems in VR/ MR systems that are currently stifling user uptake.



HoloMe is an immersive experience that allows users to interact with famous personalities or even family members as a hologram in current environments.

2017 cohorts

Virtue Health


Virtue Health creates virtual reality content specifically tailored to provide care givers and patients with therapeutic resources to combat symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Reality Zero One


Reality Zero One is a platform that makes it easy for users to replicate real things and stream them into virtual, augmented or mixed reality.



Koski is a mixed reality gaming platform, augmenting a physical board game with new worlds of play.



Kinicho develops 3D audio tools for producers that seek a richer, fuller and more authentic listener experience.

Immersive Rehab


Immersive Rehab is an interactive physical and neuro-rehabilitation virtual environment enhancing the effectiveness of patient recovery.

Gravity Sketch


Gravity Sketch is an intuitive multi-platform 3D creation tool allowing users to create 3D models, scenes, and artwork in a fun and intuitive way.

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