Vika Books

Using augmented reality to promote British Sign Language (BSL) as a language for deaf and hearing children alike.

VIKA Books is the first fine-art quality non-fiction publisher to use immersive technologies to enhance book design.

Market problem

The balance of how media is consumed has changed. People’s love for collecting books remains strong, but less time is spent reading them. Instead people watch documentaries, listen to podcasts, share pictures, download apps, or search through the plethora of online platforms to extract information on their favourite subjects. 

Teaching materials for Sign Language Translation (BSL) are surprisingly limited, even though the impact of sign language for pre-verbal children is huge. This is a particular problem for the 90% of deaf children born to hearing parents.


VIKA makes extraordinary books that blur the boundaries between real and virtual worlds. 

VIKA Books’ first AR/MR publication is a buggy book and smartphone app that makes pre-speech communication between babies and adults a reality. Where is the Bird? inspires all families, deaf and hearing, to interact in sign language. The award-winning book and app is designed to be affordable, portable and fun.

Their internationally award-winning children’s book and smartphone app are designed to be affordable, portable and fun. By turning the pages magical illustrations pop-up out of them as colourful 3D animations before being paired with video demonstrations in sign language.

VIKA’s AR book is global patent-pending. It is designed to be scalable and works on a range of surfaces, including fabrics.

Target audience

Children entertainment and education sector.

Business achievements

  • Winner of the UK Enterprise Awards 2020
  • Winner of the Fine Art Publishers of the Year 2020 
  • Winner of the Best Business Awards 2020 for Best Innovation, Best New Product/Service and  Outstanding Entrepreneur and Outstanding Female Entrepreneur categories
  • Winner of the Bristol Prestige AR Product of the Year 2020 
  • eLit Publishing (Best Multimedia book) 2020
  • AVA Digital Gold 2020
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