Slanted Theory (Alaira)

Helping teams think in data

Through the power of 3D technology (XR) and immersive analytics, Slanted Theory has created Alaira, a cloud data analysis and visualisation platform that represents the next generation of business intelligence tools designed to democratise data analysis across the organisation.

Market problem

The complexity of data connectivity and its exponential growth has changed and the gap between the people consuming the data and the people analysing it grows bigger. 

Companies are still trying to make use of their data and even with large investments into software and specialised teams many are still failing to find useful insights for strategic gain. In order to address this problem, organisations are looking to democratise their analysis across the organisation, but not everyone is a data scientist.


ALAIRA is a cloud data analysis and visualisation platform designed to empower everyone with the ability to see and explore ecosystems of data together in 3D. 

ALAIRA provides views of data unparalleled in 2D dashboards: it brings stakeholders and teams together from anywhere in the world to analyse multiple data sets in real time and is the next generation of business intelligence tools designed to facilitate insight into understanding your resources, and democratise data analysis across your organisation. 

Cost-effective technology, no coding needed, it is possible to easily identify and address operational trends and bottlenecks to make businesses run more efficiently.

Target audience

Enterprise-scale companies within sectors such as human resources and supply chain

Business achievements

  • Creative England Top 50 Companies to watch 2018 
  • Top Tech Awards North 2019
  • Sheffield Digital Award Finalist 2019
  • Business Masters 2020 Yorkshire Shortlist
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