Developed by RETìníZE, Animotive is a virtual production tool that empowers creatives to produce 3D animated content within a virtual environment, through VR.

RETìníZE is an award-winning immersive-tech startup that is currently developing Animotive, an innovative, fast-turnaround animation software product that utilises immersive technologies.

Market problem

Creating 3D animated content is complex, time-consuming and can be very expensive. The current technology is often too complicated and also overly dominated by young, white, male, technical types.

RETìníZE would like to open up the process to a much more diverse group of users and put the control back with the creative users.


Animotive is a virtual production tool that harnesses the power of consumer VR technology to create animated content at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional 3D animation workflows. Animotive allows creatives to perform, shoot, light, edit, and adjust content within a completely intuitive virtual environment. 

Target audience

Professional directors, performers, animators, cinematographers and producers.

Business achievements

Seed funding from TechStart Venture’s capital fund 

Digital Catapult
Augmentor is an immersive acceleration programme designed and delivered by Digital Catapult.