Percept Imagery (Sprie®)

Enabling personalised shopping experiences that blend the online and real worlds.

Percept Imagery has developed a unique augmented reality platform called Sprie® that enables retailers to personalise online shopping experiences.

Market problem

Many small businesses who don’t currently have an e-commerce offering are scrambling to get themselves an online shop front for the first time. Huge numbers of people who have avoided or only dabbled in online shopping in the past are now buying on the internet.

Similarly retailers, particularly those with physical footprints, are rethinking their current cash positions and trying to assess how they will continue to sustain should the downturn in demand continue for a prolonged period of time.


Sprie® is a unique augmented reality platform that helps retailers drive revenue growth by allowing online shoppers to try products in the real world before buying them.

Sprie® offers fool-proof integrations on e-commerce websites or social pages, making AR more accessible requiring no app download.

Target audience

Furniture, beauty, clothing and luxury goods sectors

Business achievements

  • 13 brands using Sprie® on 300+ products among which Gousto and Matthew Cox
  • 35k+ current virtual try-ons per month
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