Overview Ark

Creating immersive solutions for live and virtual events and memorable fan experiences.

As millions of music fans and gamers are consuming content in an entirely new way, Overview Ark is providing the tools and ecosystem for artists and venues to enter into this rapidly emerging virtual concert industry. Artists around the world can reach their audiences in a way that captures the excitement of live concerts, venues can host limitless virtual events regardless of time, space and budget, and fans can explore an incredible landscape of the greatest new music online.

Market problem

We provide immersive solutions for live and virtual events. The problem we solve is that there is no solution or ecosystem for live and virtual events where independent and mid-level artists, venues and music professionals can enter the rapidly growing virtual concert industry.


Overview Ark has created a tool for production designers and event coordinators to build replicas of live shows without the need of programming knowledge. 

By using this tool to create experiences, producers can easily drag and drop special effects and performance dynamics for experiences where fans can watch their favourite artists, discover new artists, and interact with one another in a hybrid live music role playing game.

Target audience

Music artists, event venues and consumer brands

Business achievements

  • Held concerts, quests, talk shows, and games in the Overview Ark’s persistent interactive virtual world, including case studies and events with artists, fans, venues, brands    
  • Partnered with Dash Radio to bring virtual interactive music experiences into the metaverse 
  • Developed a new kind of multiuser game system
Digital Catapult
Augmentor is an immersive acceleration programme designed and delivered by Digital Catapult.