Disrupting traditional training models through VR

MOONHUB provides high-quality training for forward-thinking companies by immersing their staff in VR interactive training scenarios.

Market problem

Corporate training is not effective and companies lose out on ROI for their L&D spend due to reduced engagement and retention rates.

Companies are looking for solutions to improve and enhance their effectiveness and efficiency of their training, as translating training results into increases in KPIs proves difficult due to how training is being delivered.


MOONHUB takes existing essential learning and development and unlocks the true potential of corporate learning by immersing their staff in virtual reality, interactive training scenarios

This helps staff gain and retain knowledge using MOONHUB patent-pending spot-and-jot scoring system coupled with the sophisticated online platform to capture and track data.

Target audience

Enterprise-scale companies looking to increase the effectiveness of their learning and development spend

Business achievements

  • Just Eat, Sports Interactive and Savilles are current paying users
  • Listed by Sifted in the top 80 companies to watch in Europe in 2020
  • Featured in BBC Breakfast, BBC radio 5 live, the Evening Standard and Wharf life
  • Winners of the East London Innovators award in 2020
Digital Catapult
Augmentor is an immersive acceleration programme designed and delivered by Digital Catapult.