Creating amazing shared audio experiences to captivate and engage new audiences.

MagicBeans is a pioneering spatial audio startup delivering new kinds of mixed reality audio experience to brands, immersive theatre productions, musicians and artists with augmented reality audio mapped to physical spaces.

Market problem

Human auditory systems are highly adapted for processing complex dynamic audio information coming from the physical environment.

Current spatial audio systems are unable to make full use of this as they cannot represent volumetric audio with a sufficient degree of realism in real world environments.

The value and utility of spatial audio as a natural user interface is not being met and there is a nascent marketplace ready for exploitation by a sufficiently capable technology platform.


MagicBeans developed Roundhead, an online platform for creating and delivering 6DoF spatial audio experiences at scale, so users can create, share and listen to spatial audio across multiple devices.

Based on MagicBeans’ work as part of an R&D collaboration with Warner Music and the Psychoacoustic Labs at Huddersfield University, Roundhead amalgamates new advances in spatial audio technology with deep insights from cutting-edge commercial immersive work.

Target audience

Initially for musicians and record labels, then for vertical industries like entertainment and experiential companies as well as healthcare, telepresence and the automotive industries.

Business achievements

  • R&D partnership with Warner Music to develop new 6DoF music experiences in 2019
  • Roundhead engine deployed at Three’s 5G multi-sensory fashion show – Winner of The Drum’s Sponsorship Activation/Event of the Year in 2020
  • Createch ‘Ones to Watch’ at CogX in 2020
  • SXSW Immersive Futures Lab nominees in 2020
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