Fracture Reality (Join)

Fracture Reality developed Join, an online meeting and collaboration platform.

Fracture Reality developed Join, a platform that allows organisations to display their data, own their content creation pipelines, collaborate remotely.

Market problem

Enterprise and industry datasets are generally too heavyweight to render on immersive headsets – this has affected the adoption of MR and VR since companies baulk at both the time and cost of paying third parties to optimise their data. Automatic optimisation pipelines exist but by their very nature these involve the loss of data and so are not suitable for many industries.

Robust flexible remote workflows have never been more needed by industry. Carbon footprints, distributed teams and COVID-19 means every industry is seriously considering new ways of remote working.


Join is an online meeting and collaboration platform specialised for engineering and data-intensive enterprise users using the latest mixed reality hardware and software technologies. 

Join includes the standard features of a meeting platform like voice communications and meeting management alongside 3D immersive features like avatars, gestural sketching and advanced cloud rendering of enterprise 3D data and assets.

Target audience

Large B2B organisations within the construction, product development, automotive, healthcare and aerospace industries. 

Business achievements

  • Multiple channel partners – Microsoft, Unity and Insight
  • 20+ clients among with Audemars Piguet and Loreal 
Digital Catapult
Augmentor is an immersive acceleration programme designed and delivered by Digital Catapult.