Leading the market in immersive crime scene training

Evidential is pioneering in the presentation of evidence in the criminal justice system to introduce mixed reality approaches to crime scene investigation and immersive training for emergency services.

Market problem

Emergency Services are struggling to keep pace with the varying way terrorist incidents happen.

Whilst attempts are made to effectively train officers, this causes infrastructure such as a tube station or an airport runway to be needed to be closed down, actors to be hired and health and safety risks need to be assessed. These are very costly, needed months of planning and only effectively train 60 Police Officers on a day.


Supported by Innovate UK funding, the company has produced EVITA, a major incident training platform, which provides large scale environments where multiple training scenarios can take place. EVITA uses augmented reality to help improve the preservation of crime scenes.

Target audience

Police forces and other law enforcement agencies in the UK

Business achievements

  • Won an European tender to collaborate with the United Nations
  • Won a  £1.3M Innovate UK grant
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