Using VR to boost sales and augment the high-end retail sector customer experience.

Emperia is creating virtual reality experiences that boost sales and customer engagement for businesses in art and luxury fashion. Improving the way that products can be seen online in 3D, Emperia is helping brands bring the physical retail experience into the virtual world.

Market problem

Customer experiences are extremely important for arts and luxury fashion businesses.

At the same time, consumers want to shop from anywhere at any time, and are expecting a seamless experience across both physical and digital channels.

Coupled with difficulties translating all the intricate product details (artwork or clothing) through online channels, this creates a gap between physical and digital channels which doesn’t allow businesses to realise their full potential and connect with younger target audiences worldwide.


Emperia improves the way products can be seen online through the use of 3D, while maintaining the high realism of the experience.

Their solution allows fashion brands and art galleries to translate their physical presence into digital channels, engage their consumers on a new level as well as attract new clients from all over the world by making showcases accessible across all devices.

Target audience

Arts and luxury fashion businesses

Business achievements

  • 25 B2B clients to date among which Maddox Gallery, Skarstedt and Vigo
  • VR Awards Rising VR Company finalist in 2020
  • VRFocus Most Promising XR Startup 2020 finalist
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