What is Augmentor?

Digital Catapult's Augmentor is a 12-week acceleration programme for B2B immersive startups.

About the acceleration programme

Digital Catapult’s Augmentor programme is designed to increase startups’ investment readiness and accelerate their business growth. By partnering with leading investment and industry experts, Augmentor equips startups with the skills and connections that they need to build strong, commercially viable solutions.

By supporting early-stage immersive startups, Augmentor encourages collaborations between frontier technology companies and industry, showcasing some of the exceptional talent and solutions being developed.

Augmentor caters to the needs of the UK immersive technology community, focusing on four areas of support that guide B2B immersive companies on their journey to scale:

  • Access to investors to help attract greater private investment
  • Building scalability through technical and business support
  • Access to immersive technology hardware, facilities and labs
  • Business development and opportunities to pivot solutions into new markets

Augmentor also contributes to accelerate the adoption of immersive technologies (augmented, virtual and mixed reality and haptics), to drive business growth and to increase the size of the immersive UK market to become a global leader in this area.

Since 2017 the programme has created a variety of opportunities for the startups that have taken part in previous years.


The Augmentor acceleration programme supports the next generation of B2B immersive startups from across the UK, providing a range of benefits.


One-on-one support from leading industry, business and technical experts.

Investment essentials and connections

Understand the investment landscape, the different routes to accessing finance and how to build relationships with the investor community.


Exclusive workshops that drive business development forward.

Network access

Get connected to public sector and large businesses by tapping into Digital Catapult network.

Access to facilities

Access Digital Catapult’s immersive facilities including the Immersive Labs.


Access a wide range of perks offered by our programme partners (for example AWS, HubSpot).

Programme timeline

The year’s timeline for Augmentor’s cohort open calls and related activities

Augmentor partners and mentors

To help cohort startups accelerate their business growth throughout their journey on the programme, Augmentor works with a range of partners and mentors with outstanding investment, industry and business expertise.

Meet the cohort

Augmentor immersive startups

Since 2017 Augmentor helped 36 immersive B2B startups through masterclasses, workshops and mentoring to boost their business and become investment-ready.

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Digital Catapult
Augmentor is an immersive acceleration programme designed and delivered by Digital Catapult.